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Top 25 AC Transit Twitter Posts of 2009

Photo: Flickr user My Standard Break From Life

Last year, AC Transit entered into the realm of Social Media with open ears. We wanted to find another way to make our service better for you.

AC Transit bus stop at Burning ManWe discovered Twitter as a way to share information with riders and better understand their experiences.

Soon after, we launched “Sights and Sounds of AC Transit” in June.

Week after week after week, we saw your prayers and your bus stop hobbies and musings, experienced the UC Berkeley protests with you, saw you combating aspiring rappers who performed on the bus, we saw your proposals and even gained insight into the phenomena of “public transportation bubbles.” We understand; without AC Transit you'd have neither the time or the inspiration share your observations on Twitter. (No wonder AC Transit was voted"Best People Watching" in 2009.)

Without further ado, here are the Top AC Transit 'Tweets' of 2009.

25. I like it when the bus driver tells me, "Keep it real". You too, bro.

24. There’s a guy on the bus reading Ted Kazinsky’s "Manifesto Against Technology" on his Kindle.

23. compliments from bus drivers are priceless and should be treasured like rare jewels

22. About to get on bus in high heels with a giant dog bed in tow.

21. This bus driver uses the P.A. like a commercial airline pilot.

20. Am I a freak because I feel like smiling at strangers on the bus?

19. I wish there was an application like shazaam for languages! This woman on the bus is speaking this very intriguing language.

18. Oh dang. Just saw my first Zero emission, Hydrogen/Electric hybrid Bus. AC transit is so baller!

17. There's a clown making balloon animals on the bus. Red nose, rainbow hair, and everything.

16. just watched a drivers ed vid about drunk driving and teens..i believe they are trying to scare us out of driving, ever. ac transit it is.

15. This bus driver got mad swag.

14. Today on the bus to work, an 8 yr. old lectured me on the evils of killing a cow in order to enjoy my leather marc by marc jacobs bag. meh.

13. I <3 AC Transit

12. Was just thanked by my bus driver for moving box out the street. I replied, 'I must make way for my chariot'

11. Oakland Bus Adventures: man walks on bus, pulls a flag from his pocket and says, 'This is all I got' when the driver asks for his fare.

10. I'm on the bus heading to work, & my favorite bus driver is taking me there. He pronounces all the stops with a firm and loving tone. <3

9. sometimes i just want to stay on the bus cause being on your way to something is more rewarding than being there.

8. If you pretend the bus is a big snowboard, it's kinda fun when you don't get a seat. #readyforthesnow

7. I always swore I would never be one of those people who don’t take their helmet off on the bus. And then one day it happens.

6. Saw a guy getting on the bus with a nice bike with only one pedal? He had 2 feet.

5. I love watching the man at the bus stop perform tai chi. I want to run across and make a bold request to teach me! #impossible

4. Guy at the bus stop has a parrot on his shoulder which is no biggie except the bird is wearing a black and white striped sweater. Nice!

3. I can hear 5 languages on the bus right now -- six if you include Teenager. Man I’m gonna miss Oakland. Omg just came up w/ the best halloween costume everrrr!!!

2. I swear i do my best thinking on the bus, lol!

The Top AC Transit Twitter Post of 2009 actually inspired a blog post.

1. Kenny the Clown making balloon animals on the 51 bus #actransit #alameda -

Photo of AC Transit Line 14 at Burning Man, or AC Transit on Playa photo courtesy of Flickr user Matt Dork.

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